#LOOCREW Surviving the Festival Loo- from the LOO EXPERTS

By Abi Philp, September 2019

At LOOS FOR DOs we pride ourselves in supplying some of the very best UK Festivals with our festival loos. Over the summer months in the UK we are fortunate to have hundreds of fabulous festivals. From small family events such- Wickham Festival and Wey Fest to Victorious, Boomtown and TruckFest.

Having done this for a number of years- the LOO ANGELS at LOOS FOR DOs are in the very best position to advice the DOs and DON’Ts of festival toilets.


  • Always pack wet wipes. Not only useful in the loos but perfect to refresh, clean up spillages and remove festival glitter
  • Make sure the queue has checked that the loos are locked! This is a real bug bear of the LOO ANGELS, the UK public just love to queue. Make sure that the toilets are all in use- remember red for locked. If the lock shows green/ yellow/ white this is GO GO GO!
  • Timing is essential- the busy times for the loos will always be between bands. So, if there is a band you can cope without seeing pop to the loo then. You will find the queues a lot more manageable.
  • Leave your phone and drink with a friend. It is always much safer.
  • Look for where #LOOCREW are. Throughout the day they will re stock and clean loos. If you see them cleaning a loo, wait a moment, the reward of a clean stocked loo will be worth it. If you have the budget- consider the upgrade options. The difference between a portable loo and a luxury trailer is often worth the wrist band price. Especially if you are camping!


  • Don’t leave your litter in the loo! This only creates a horrible experience fo the next person, but also can cause blockages. Loos are not massive fans of pint glasses!
  • Similar to the above- don’t flush leggings, knickers…! Yep we find it all!
  • Think about your phone location- don’t leave it in a back pocket as this is only going one-way ladies! Also the area next to the loo seat is not a safe phone location. It is very easy for a phone to slip under the toilet seat here- again… not where you want your phone to go!

Don’t let toilets put you off Festivals. They are part and parcel of the experience. #LOOCREW work tirelessly to make sure loos have loo roll and are as clean as possible.

Follow the LOO ANGELS simple tips and you will have the best summer of festivals!


Sunset at Victorious Festival
“From start to finish, the Team at ‘Loos for Dos’ provided an exemplary service. From the fantastic customer service to the efficiency of delivery and pick up, a HUGE thanks to the team for helping us deliver Varsity 2024.”

Senior Sports Co-ordinator
Reading Students Union 2024

“Just to say a huge thank you for all your help and support for the Alresford Watercress Festival. Your delivery team are fantastic.”

Events Manager
Alresford Watercress Festival 2024


“I just wanted to drop you a quick line (a little belatedly) to thank you for the weekend. It went SO smoothly (better than ever before) and the schedules and deliveries all seemed to pass without a hitch. A huge thank-you, again, for your part in helping with this achievement. It was much appreciated.”


“I cannot recommend LOOS FOR DOs enough! The boys are incredible and the most reliable company I have worked with. No ask is too big or too small and last minute requests are always delivered to perfection. Can I just say the girls in the office are first class too! They know my site, they know the restrictions and they always come in to see me to discuss my requirements and do their very best to help me keep within my budgets”
Events Manager
Guards Polo Club
“LOOS FOR DOs have been incredible sources of support for our event platform- both from an operational and administrative perspective.
Amazingly friendly staff, on point delivery and collection procedures, and just an all round great company to work with.”
Operations Team
Tough Mudder
“Everyone was really pleased with the quality, efficiency and cleanliness of the loos. No queues and no complaints – thank you very much. We also appreciate your ‘on the day efforts’ – it makes all the difference”.

“We love working with the LOOS FOR DOs team. From the office team, to the teams on site,  they are always incredibly professional and reliable. They understand the restrictions in place at our event sites and plan their deliveries and cleaning services accordingly. We never have any problems when our requirements change last minute, these changes are always made with no hassle or fuss. LOOS FOR DOs will always be our first stop for our event toilet requirements”

“LOOS FOR DOs provided the toilets for the campsite at Victorious 2023, they are simply one of the most professional, friendly and knowledgeable event companies to work with. From the team in the office to the #LOOCREW on site they work hard to ensure that they exceed expectation. On a busy festival site its great to have suppliers alongside you that you can trust 100%, they deliver what the promise when the promise and are all over it. Thank you from the team at Victorious.”
Operations Team
Victorious Festival 2023
“Loos for Dos always provide an excellent service and make sure that every detail is right for your big day. I never hesitate in recommending them to my friends.”
“LOOS FOR DOs consistently surpassed our highest expectations, delivering impeccably clean and efficient restroom solutions that played a pivotal role in elevating the overall experience of our event.”
“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for your amazing service in providing the loos for the show last week. Your crew were amazing and the whole experience from booking to delivery and collection was stress free. Your support to us means so much to the show and helps raise vital funds for the charities we support.”
“Always a pleasure working with LOOS FOR DOs. The team are great in the pre-event planning stages, always happy to speak and run through plans so that best plans are in place. The team are always great on event day, everyone is very helpful and fully aware of all that is expected ensuring smooth sailing on the day!”

Human Race 2023

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