#LOOCREW Show me the Dunny!

by Abi Philp, 17th December 2018

I’M A CELEBRITY- show me the DUNNY!’


The dust has now settled, and the LOO ANGELS have recovered from the grit and gore of the Bushtucker Trials. We laughed, we screeched, and we watched in awe at the crew of intrepid (if not slightly naive) celebrities who recently tackled the jungle.


When we all watch TV for entertainment we watch for a plethora of reasons. Whether it be that we have been a Harry Redknapp fan for years or we enjoy watching members of society squirm and struggle eating bits of Kangaroo!
For LOOS FOR DOs, we live, breathe and dream loos! So, we cannot avoid the topic. In last week’s sales meeting there was a discussion with the LOOCREW about exactly that. The jungle loos and showers.
Being a supplier of portable and luxury toilets we have seen our fair share of the good, the bad and ugly. The jungle Dunny was a real talking point for us. So why not dig a little deeper and flush (!!) out some Dunny facts for you all.


What is a Dunny?
Our friends down under colloquially refer to a trip to the lavatory as ‘going to the dunny’. They also say ‘going to the John’, ‘the bog’, ‘the outhouse’, ‘the shed up the back’ ‘visit the smallest room in the house’
A dunny is essentially a toilet out the back of a house or public building, never inside. In the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth century, most Australian houses had the lavatory strategically placed at the rear of their house, and usually in the garden. It was usually a pit or can toilet and, understandably smelly, which, obviously, was a good reason to build it separate from the house. I Am a Celeb jungle loo is a perfect example of a Dunny.

What does Dunny mean?
The word Dunny this is essentially an Australian English word for a toilet. It derives from a British dialect word dunnekin (a privy) and is probably ultimately derived from a combination of dung (faeces) and ken (a house).

The Dunny Man
Our LOOCREW at least once a week each become our very own Dunny Man. This to some in itself could be seen as a Bushtucker Trial. Through the 1940S the Dunny Man was a very common site on the suburban streets of Australia. Hard to imagine that only 60 years ago Australian toilet facilities were outdoor, bug ridden shed facilities. Not like the luxury range of loos that you see today!

Sadly, we cannot provide our lovely loos to the jungle. But we can ensure that rather than a Dunny you have lovely luxury loos across Hampshire and Surrey

Contact the LOO ANGELS on 01420 588 355 for more info or click HERE to send an enquiry. 

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“I just wanted to drop you a quick line (a little belatedly) to thank you for the weekend. It went SO smoothly (better than ever before) and the schedules and deliveries all seemed to pass without a hitch. A huge thank-you, again, for your part in helping with this achievement. It was much appreciated.”


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Amazingly friendly staff, on point delivery and collection procedures, and just an all round great company to work with.”
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Victorious Festival 2023
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“Always a pleasure working with LOOS FOR DOs. The team are great in the pre-event planning stages, always happy to speak and run through plans so that best plans are in place. The team are always great on event day, everyone is very helpful and fully aware of all that is expected ensuring smooth sailing on the day!”

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