#LOOCREW Marathon Top Toilet Tips

The nerves, the apprehensions and the excitement of running in a large- scale event can often be overtaken by the fear of the unknown. #LOOCREW have decided to pop together our top tips for Marathon portable toilets, making sure that you are never caught short!

Shape.com offer 10 strange but effective tips, Runners World offer advice on how the need for the loo can be avoided all together.

Having both run a vast number of marathons and half marathons as well as supplying toilets & showers to these events (both locally and nationally) we think should let you know what works for us.

  1. Before the event head to the event website, most organisers will pop some instruction in regard to course toilets as well as course maps for the larger races (such as London Marathon and Brighton Marathon). If you have a chance it is worth trying to familiarise yourself with the start village, so you don’t waste time trying to find the bag drop or toilets.
  2. On arrival at the race find the toilet facilities early, this is very unlikely to be your final visit! Never rush to the first few toilets as human nature dictates to take the easiest option. Megan Head (Sales) #LOOCREW tip- Head further into the toilet banks to find the loos that are often in the best nick. Remember you are looking for the green gauge of the lock- these are available loos to use.
  3. If you are a chap many races will now offer portable urinal stations which do reduce the queues and allow a quick toilet stop for the men. Please use these as this speed the loo queues up for the ladies!

4. Prior to the race with the nerves you may find that you need to head to the portable toilets once again. This is very normal. Keep an eye on the clock as there is likely to be queues, there will be a lot of you in the same situation. Ed Warner (Director) #LOOCREW tip: Flush the toilet prior to use as you will find the second flush a lot easier.

5. During the race focus on your running. The toilet stations will often be situated next to water stations which allows you to take 1 break in the race. If you feel that you may need to go we would always suggest to go! During marathons, half marathons and ultras you may find that there is a good chunk of running prior to the next portable toilet block. Our eco toilets are all stocked with ample loo roll and hand sanitiser to allow as quick comfort break.

Once over the finish line there will still be loos to use, and don’t worry even if you are not the fastest runner we always ensure that there’s enough toilets for everyone to use once they have finished.

Hopefully this may help settle the nerves and as a multi award winning toilet hire company you can trust us! If you are a race organiser and would like our expertise then please get in touch to see how #LOOCREW can help -0845 123 2901 or contact us.

Proud Supplier to: The London Marathon, Brighton Marathon, Run Reigate, The Great Run Company, Tough Mudder as well as hundreds more.

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“I just wanted to drop you a quick line (a little belatedly) to thank you for the weekend. It went SO smoothly (better than ever before) and the schedules and deliveries all seemed to pass without a hitch. A huge thank-you, again, for your part in helping with this achievement. It was much appreciated.”
Surrey Hills Challenge


“I cannot recommend LOOS FOR DOs enough! The boys are incredible and the most reliable company I have worked with. No ask is too big or too small and last minute requests are always delivered to perfection. Can I just say the girls in the office are first class too! They know my site, they know the restrictions and they always come in to see me to discuss my requirements and do their very best to help me keep within my budgets”
Events Manager
Guards Polo Club
“LOOS FOR DOs have been incredible sources of support for our event platform- both from an operational and administrative perspective.
Amazingly friendly staff, on point delivery and collection procedures, and just an all round great company to work with.”
Operations Team
Tough Mudder
“Everyone was really pleased with the quality, efficiency and cleanliness of the loos. No queues and no complaints – thank you very much. We also appreciate your ‘on the day efforts’ – it makes all the difference”.
St Margarets Fair
“LOOS FOR DOs by far provide the best event loos I have ever come across!”
Grounded Events
Brighton Marathon (2010-2019)
“Victorious Festival has contracted LOOS FOR DOs since 2014 and they continue to delight and amaze us! There team are polite, efficient, reliable and never afraid to go the extra mile. They’re so much more than just a loo contractor they’re serious team players; it’s exactly this mentality and ethos that keeps us going back time after time and recommending them to everyone we can”
** 2019 ** “Just writing personally to say thanks so much to you and the team for putting in such a massive shift over a the festival build and weekend. It was definitely one of our best, busiest and driest years yet! Love working with the crew and always feel like we are in safe hands”
Operations Team
Victorious Festival

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